ItsCanadaTime will guide you through the immigration process!

New Opportunities

Since June 2017 new and improved policies have been set forth to stimulate Canada Immigration. The Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) made it possible to receive more points under certain immigration programs. Our Authorized Representatives are trained to operate the RCCIC system in the most efficient way to reach the quickest and most suitable results.

Canada immigration
  • Who we are01

    ItsCanadaTime is an organization that focuses on helping clients from all over the globe start their process towards immigrating to Canada in the easiest and quickest way. We will be there to assist you every step of the journey.

  • What we do02

    We offer a wide array of programs and services, starting with the Registration Stage and going as far as making sure the client has completed the immigration process as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

  • How we work03

    We have a dedicated group of Authorized Representatives that are ready to assist our clients upon request. Our services are provided online, giving you the comfort of receiving the best immigration results at home or on the go! Make sure to visit our Contacts page!

Our Vision

  • We want to see you live a better life!

    It is our highest priority to see you live a better quality of life; Our team of Authorized representatives has successfully guided hundreds of candidates through their Canada immigration process. Let them do the same for you too.  We will assist you in managing your documents, sharpening your English skills; we’ll even advise you in your hunt for employment!

  • Our legacy is to help you achieve your dream!

    Your dream is our goal; when it comes to reaching milestones and gaining the status you want, look no further. We will do our best to make sure your Canadian immigration dream does not go to waste! Reach for your dream!

  • Humble guidance and kind approach are our way of work!

    Humble guidance, kind approach, and hard work are more than just words for our Authorized Representatives; we take pride in helping hundreds of clients achieve their dream of starting their life in Canada. Organizing documentation, keeping track of your IELTS progress and making sure that you won’t arrive in Canada empty-handed – all of that with a patient approach.


Well since I got to know about the fabulous opportunity to immigrate to Canada, it was as if my dreams came true. The experts are doing fantastic work in helping us move. Thank you so much and continue the good work :-)

Artee sunassy

Hi, I have had the opportunity to speak with an agent from this company. He was very helpful and helped me with the process that I'm going through. He made sure that I understand every step and always cleared up any questions that I had. Glad I used ItsCanadatime services.

Pat Ferguson

The most professional company I have ever seen! Excellent staff! Thank you for your undivided attention! ?

Vânia Lemos

I'm very happy to be helped by ItsCanadatime. I was looking for an opportunity to live in Canada and to study there. I am very thankful for ItsCanadatime!

Souleymane Doumbia

OMG you people are amazing! Such a nice team, they always have the right answer. Thank you for your help :-)

Vladimir Rodriguez

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