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Is Moving to Canada the Key to Your Success?

Are you concerned about getting a job in Canada?
It can be daunting to look for work, more so when searching for a job in Canada for a non-Canadian. Navigating the Canadian Job Bank and finding the best job opportunities for you can be difficult. Many of our clients find the job hunt to be a major concern even when they know they have professional help with their job hunt, as well as job interview training.

What many immigrants have chosen to do over the past 20 years is start their own businesses and be their own bosses. Yes, that seems much harder than getting a job, and you can’t know if your business will succeed. Except – Canada is the world’s best breeding ground for successful businesses. Why do we say that? Because saw this study from Statistics Canada which was published on April 29th 2019. What does the study tell us?




Immigrants Create Most Jobs in Canada

The numbers speak for themselves. The study looked at businesses that were started in Canada over a decade between 2003 and 2013. The first stat that comes screaming off the page is 25%. This number refers to incorporated businesses owned by immigrants, as opposed to incorporated businesses owned by people who were born in Canada.

That means one in four incorporated businesses is owned by immigrants. But that’s not where it ends, because what the study actually wanted to find was the job creation ratio. The study found that businesses owned by immigrants created a very large share of all jobs created in Canada during the researched decade. In actual numbers, it came up to approximately 400,000 jobs, which ended up being a higher job creation average per firm than that of the businesses owned by those born in Canada.


We’re shocked too



Not sure what this means? I’ll try to make it sound a little clearer. Let’s say there are 4 incorporated Businesses in Canada. Three of them will be owned by Canadian-born people. 1 will be owned by an immigrant. That one business will have created 40 jobs, while the other 3 businesses put together created 90 jobs, which puts them at an average of 30 jobs each, lower than the average number of jobs created by the business owned by an immigrant.

The study also found an interesting stat regarding business growth. It defined High-Growth as an annual growth of at least 20% (which means it can be much larger than 20%). The study found that immigrant owned companies were more likely to show High-Growth than companies with by Canadian born people.

Now take a moment to imagine if you had moved to Canada back when you started dreaming about moving to Canada. When was it? 5 years ago? Maybe 10? Your business could have been a part of this success.




What About Canadian Businesses Now?

OK, the study only used data that ended 6 years ago. But what does it tell us about what’s going on in Canada’s business arena now? That’s what we really want to know.

For one thing, this data is indicative of the possible outcome of the immigration process of each one of you currently reading this. On top of that, the study concluded that the trends observed in this piece of research change slowly over years, and so they’re likely to be applicable for our current time as well.

Let’s Talk About You.

Are you reading this and thinking “I wish I could move to Canada and be one of those successful business owners?” I believe if you were to ask them right now how they did it, you’d probably get a wide variety of answers. They each took a different path to get where they are. But there is one thing they all have in common: they all had a dream that was very difficult to accomplish, but they did it anyway. They are all just regular people who had the same difficulties you have, and they did not let that stop them. Don’t let it stop you.


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