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Why You Should Start Your Process Now

About Canada February 26, 2019 18 Comments

With the dynamic nature of Canadian immigration, what makes now the best time for you to start moving to Canada? Read about Canada’s plans for immigration from now until 2020.

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How Luke Moved to Canada

Immigration Tips January 22, 2019 13 Comments
move to canada

Luke told us how he moved to Canada in a blog post a few weeks ago. He asked us to share some additional information via video.

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How I moved to Canada

About Canada November 20, 2018 29 Comments
move to canada

Hi to all the readers. My name is Luke.  Violet from ItsCanadaTime called me last week and asked me to write for this blog today to tell you about how I moved to Canada.  So today you can read my personal story.  I agreed because Violet promised not to edit any of the things I say. 

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