The Secret To Canada's Economic Success
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The Secret to Canada’s Economic Success

TORONTO, Canada – Experts and Economists are scratching their heads this year as they try to understand the data from the world market.

Canadian success slowly but surely has been climbing to the top of the Global market and, yet again, Canada will be sitting at the big boy’s table this year.

In 2017 Canada experienced the largest job growth in close to a decade. Now in 2018, Canada’s economy will grow 3.2% beating the United States and taking the title of #1 in the G7.

The Immigration Experts here at ItsCanadaTime are not surprised. In fact, we believe it is directly attributed to the following factors.


Equality and Religious Freedom Actually Pay Off! Wierd…


Thanks to the government’s stance on equality and inclusion, Canada has been a really popular destination for those fleeing persecution in their current countries.

Most recently Canada has been getting a lot of applicants from American residents who are looking for better opportunities and asylum.

In fact, on 2017’s American election night, the Canadian Immigration website crashed due to an overload of traffic from U.S. IP addresses.

Not surprisingly on January 27th, 2017 President Trump issued an executive order to halt all refugee admission and barring immigration from 7 Muslim majority countries.

This month, President Trump also allegedly expressed his feeling on not allowing immigration from “s—hole countries” – referring to Central America and African countries.

Canada’s immigrants from these supposed ” s#&t hole countries” (according to a 2011 consensus) are contributing to Canada’s economy more than immigrants coming from Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia. Not only are the average wages higher for immigrants from Central America and Africa, but they also have more education degrees and more than 60% are currently employed (beating the “Norway,” countries by 10%).

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Canada Positively Targets International Students


international students help canada economy

In the most current study, the Canadian Trade Commission recorded that Canada Pocketed $11.4 Billion from nearly half a million international students, living and studying in Canada during 2014.

Just so you understand how significant that number is… International students’ Canadian tuition did more for the Canadian economy than the export of wheat, lumber, and automotive parts.

More importantly, the study found that because of this amazing contribution to the economy, Canada was able to sustain more than 123,000 Jobs.

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Canada’s Programs Draw the Best Talent


Many immigration programs including those created in 2017 were created to bring the best, most highly skilled workers to the region.

In the first two months of The Global Skilled Workers program – July and August of 2017 – over 1,600 were accepted into Canada, out of 2,077 total applicants. That’s an 80% approval rate! The majority of these immigrants contributed to Canada’s technology sector.

Thanks to the Global Skills Program, Canada’s demand for tech workers was already met by August of 2017 and has thus far made Toronto, Canada the next Silicon Valley.


Canada’s Immigrants Sweeten the Pot


Tareq Hadhad, Syria, Owner of “Peace By Chocolate”


Just 8 months after moving to Canada, Syrian Refugee, Tareq Hadhad gave birth to a small chocolate factory and cleverly named it Peace By Chocolate. The family operation sold 1,500 boxes within the first 3 hours of opening.

To meet with the demand of its customers, and worldwide success, the chocolate factory is currently looking to expand to a space that is at least 20 times bigger than the current workshop.


Dr. Ziad Nasreddine, Lebanon, Neurologist


doctors helping canada economy

This month Donald Trump Aced a cognitive exam to prove he was not suffering from what skeptics believed was a declining mental state.

What’s the connection you ask?

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment was created by non-other than Canada’s esteemed Doctor Ziad Nasreddine, a Canadian immigrant from Lebanon.

You can’t help but love the irony in this story. To prove his mental capability the president actually benefited from the contributions of an immigrant from a Muslim country.


Keinan Abdi Warsame, Somalia, Rapper/Musician


immigrants helping canada economy

Also known worldwide as “K’Naan,” Keinan Abdi Warsame arrived with his family in Toronto when he was just 13 years old. K’Naan became an international superstar in 2010, when his hit song ‘Wavin’ Flag’ became the theme song for the FIFA World Cup.

Apart from his enormous success, Keinan devotes a large chunk of his time performing to raise money for various causes and donations. In 2011 Warsame teamed up with Bono to raise awareness for a drought in East Africa.


More Canada Immigration Needed in 2018


So now that you know that the secret to Canada’s Economic growth are hardworking dreamers, just like yourself – are you ready to learn about taking the first step?

Immigration to Canada can be a daunting task, but thanks to ItsCanadaTime its now quicker and easier than ever before.

To speak with an Immigration Expert, fill out the form here.

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I’m a true lover of hockey, maple syrup, and the outdoors. I enjoy helping others find out more about my home and native land :)



Very good !!!


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Thank you Salvatore! We hoped this article helped you learn more about Canada.


Tony Ianniello

Hi! I was Born in Canada and I live in Europe.
I have Canadian Citizenship and Social insurance number. I applied in September to get my son his Canadian Citizenship certificate
Due that he wants to apply for Canadian University, but up to now no answer and time is really tight, so if it is so easy for foreigners to come and work, why does it get so complicated for a Canadian??
Best Regards


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Tony,

    The Canadian immigration process can difficult if you are trying to go about it alone. Unfortunately, there are many chances for error. Have you tried registering with a private immigration company that will connect you to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant? This may be your best option.


Shuab Ahmed

Hi can I apply for visa I am now in Bangladesh. Me and may wife and one chil


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Shuab,

    Luckily for you, the process to immigrate to Canada can be done from any smart device, tablet, or computer. So my answer to you is just like many I have answered before. Register for Canadian immigration online and start building your immigration profile. If you would like to read how to do this step by step, we have great material on our website that will guide you through the whole process. Good luck.


Ghulam yaseen

I. Want work. In Canada


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Ghulam 🙂

    It’s important for you to make a good resume of all your past and current job experience. Also, find past employers who are willing to write you recommendation letters. Most importantly register to start your immigration process online. Without building your immigration profile you will not be able to apply for positions within Canada. This will be a great start for you.


Ronaldo aquino

Yo quiero ir a trabajar y a vivir a canada gracias a dios estan dando la oportunidad de ir llevo 15 años viviendo en usa mi madre murio en noviembre del 2017 y no la pude ver por ultima ves y quisiera viajar a vivir y a trabajar a canada .


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Ronaldo,

    First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother… may she rest in peace. Working in Canada is something that has been made easier since November of 2017. As long as you begin making your Immigration profile online, you will be given access to the Canadian government job board. In the second step of your immigration, you will be able to look at the jobs that Canada currently wishes to offer to the right candidate who meets the needs of the position. Currently under Canadian policy, if a job has not yet been filled by Canadian Citizens, it must be filled by a ready and willing immigrant or temporary worker. That person could be you!!! good luck.


Maxine Thompson

I have learned a lot about Canada. Would you mind if I come there . I have certificates in child care and I do house keeping


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Maxine 🙂

    ItsCanadaTime would love for you to get your Permanent Resident Visa! When you apply for your Visa make sure all your certificates are translated to English or French. Showing proof of job training and having a Resume/CV prepared will earn you points towards your immigration profile.


Gregorio trejo

Alguien que able español


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Gregorio 🙂

    We have many Immigration Experts that speak Spanish!



I need a job in Canada I’m a South African qualified mechenician under Mechanical Engineering faculty


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Harry 🙂

    Thanks for connecting with us and reading our article. How is it that I can help you?


Lydia Naadu Tawiah

Good day sir/madam, I am hair stylist looking for a job out side my country, so that I will able to support myself and my children, am also a author I recently published my book, thank you


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Lydia 🙂

    Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to meet you. As you can see Canada is a really great choice!


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