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The Top 5 Famous Canadian Immigration Thought Leaders on Twitter

ItsCanadaTime has gathered for you the most famous Canadians currently tweeting about Canadian immigration. In the past 2 years, Canadian Immigration has been a hot topic in the social media scene. Below we have provided 5 of the most important twitter handles that you can follow to be involved in the current explosion of helpful know-how.

#1 – Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau famous canadians

Twitter handle: @JustinTrudeau

Followers: 3.49 Million

Our fearless leader! Let’s face it, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada has a smile that could melt all the world’s glacier ice caps, so it’s a good thing he’s leading the fight against global warming.

We love his policy and his tweets are even better. Mr. Trudeau constantly defends and promotes the right to freedom of expression, and celebrates Canadian diversity. When Donald Trump ran his campaign on keeping people out of America, Justin tweeted right back by welcoming everyone regardless of faith.


Justin Trudeau Tweet famous canadians


#2 – Ahmed Hussen

Ahmed Hussen famous canadians

Twitter Handle: @AhmedDHussen

Followers: 21 Thousand

Ahmed is a rag to riches success story, and he has never forgotten where he came from. Coming to Canada from a war torn country at the age of 16, the now Minister of Immigration serves his people with great honor and determination. If you follow him, as we recommend, you will see that he is constantly traveling to meet people face to face and truly making Canada a better place for immigrants. Ahmed also lets the public know important information regarding new immigration policy via tweets, giving you important information that could help you in your journey to moving to Canada.


Ahmed Hussen tweet famous canadians


#3 – Patty Hajdu

Patty Hajdu famous canadians

Twitter Handle: @PattyHajdu

Followers: 13.2 Thousand

Also among famous Canadians is Patricia “Patty” Hajdu, Canada’s Minister of Employment. Ms. Hajdu’s Twitter account is unique in that she is ALL BUSINESS. Hadju’s posts are some of the most important posts our staff has come across relating to information about job opportunities. Her twitter feed is full of breaking news regarding job programs that may help you understand what jobs Canada is looking for. In the most recent month, Patty launched the Global Skills Program, allowing highly skilled workers to receive a Canadian Visa in just 2 weeks’ time!


Patty Hajdu tweet famous canadians


#4 – Micael Levitt

Micael Levitt famous canadians

Twitter Handle: @LevittMichael

Followers:  4,250

Michael Levitt is a true “mench” as they call him in the old country. Michael boasts himself as a husband, father and a proud Canadian – a man truly after our hearts. We are thrilled that Michael is a member of the Canadian Parliament and we are most impressed with his role in the International Human Rights subcommittee. Levitt’s tweets are truly inspirational and will show you exactly how to become a model Canadian citizen.

Michael’s most recent tweet was his announcement to accept 15 Provincial Nominees. So don’t forget to follow him – you could be the next one to join the wonderful citizens of Canada.


Micael Levitt tweet famous canadians


#5 – Barbara Dixon

Barbara Dixon famous canadians

Twitter Handle: @diversityeraa

Followers: 2,065

Barbara Dixon is the lady who can do it all. Aside from being a self-proclaimed Immigration Pioneer, Barbara works as a diversity trainer, consultant, and a college curriculum designer. Simply put, Ms. Dixon has devoted her life to advocating for immigrants and understanding diversity. Although she was born and raised in Canada, Dixon considers herself a citizen of the world.

The @diversityeraa twitter account is filled with inspirational stories and helpful information for anyone trying to start a new life in Canada. Ms. Dixon has also  produced a number of helpful publications, most recently, the “Newcomer’s Guide to Canada: Information to Help Newcomers Before and After Arrival.”


Barbara Dixon tweet famous canadians

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famous canadians on twitter

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I'm a true lover of hockey, maple syrup, and the outdoors. I enjoy helping others find out more about my home and native land :)


Bekim mahmuti

I love Canada


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Canada loves you too!





    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Slemsn 🙂


Martín Benavídez

Excelente descripción de algunos de sus ciudadanos del magestuoso y gran país canadiense felicidades por esa gran comunidad



Currently im living in italy i wanna apply for work permit wt should i do?


Abdi Ame

Very I love your canada


Devkota vishnu

I am chef and I need to work in Canada


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Devkota 🙂
    We offer job assistance as part of our premium package. You can also read about the new Temporary Foreign Workers Program here.



      I have a high technical certificate in accounting and management and I am a résident of Algeria and I would like to migrate to Canada by request in imigration in canada


        Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

        Hi Abdelkarim 🙂
        The Global Skills Program is a great way to immigrate to Canada quickly and was created this past October. Since then, 80% of Canadian immigration applicants working in HighTech have been accepted through the program. The program aims to hire highly skilled workers and management positions, such as yourself. Good luck.


Abdimalik ali

Hi my name is abdimalik ali I love Canada my wife is there and I’m waiting to go there soon as possible


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    Hi Abdimalik 🙂
    Please make sure to start the process as soon as possible. The process can sometimes take anywhere between 6 months to a year. Start now!


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Mash Ullah Adel

Thanks for posting these tips! I’ll be sure to use them!!



I love Canada and please if there is a way to went there please help me
Thank you


    Randy Travis (Blogger for ItsCanadaTime)

    The only way to get there is by applying today for a Visa. It can take anywhere from 6-12 months to be approved. So the faster you start, the better.



Hello sir
I’m Azizullah from Afghanistan & i live now in Germany
I need to your help.i want to go canada now is situation is
Very hard
From two years I’m here &they are rejected


    Violet Mitchell

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation.
    You can start your immigration process here.
    Good luck!


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