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french-canadaOur Immigration Services

  • icon-documentDocument Verification

    Our legal team are experts in confirming and processing our clients’ paperwork according to the Canadian government’s requirements to the fullest, making sure no document is missing.

  • icon-letterEditing of Resume and Cover Letter

    We offer a service for editing the client’s resume, polishing out the grammar and emphasize relevant skills and then we offer a phone conversation with the Editor, who gives you tips about writing your cover letter.

  • icon-courseIELTS preparation course

    We provide our clients with preparation for the IELTS exam with the guidance of an instructor, workbooks and lesson CDs. Additionally we will help you locate the nearest testing center and schedule the exam on your behalf.

  • icon-securitySecurity and Privacy

    The Company commits to keep all of our clients’ documents and personal information enclosed inside of our servers and erased when the process is done. We assure you that nothing exits our systems without your full consent.

french-canada-whiteGet to know us

icon-maple-conturWho We Are

ItsCanadaTime is a company that focuses on helping clients from all over the globe start their process towards immigrating to Canada in the easiest and quickest way while getting feedback for the process.

icon-maple-conturWhat We Do

We offer a wide array of programs and services, starting from the online assessment and going as far as making sure the client has received their visas as quickly as possible and with the least effort.

icon-maple-conturHow We Work

We have a wholesome group of immigration lawyers contacting client that reach to us. We offer our services from online, without the need to travel far – yet still get the best results. Make sure to visit our Contacts page!

icon-maple-conturRemote Control Help

We will help you when you are having trouble connecting to the services we offer, by offering a technical support service that works via a remote desktop that is accessed to by your permission only. We Will walk you through the whole issue until it is resolved!

icon-maple-conturPersonalized Support

If you are confused with any issue, from how to fill the Assessment to remembering what is relevant and what is not - We will redirect you to the Authorized Representative handling your case and they will guide you through any process and answer all questions you might have!

icon-maple-conturAvailable For You

Any pressing matter that you might have will be answered in the shortest period of time – we are here for you and our customer support team works around the clock, ensuring our clients’ get the quickest and best answers to any inquiry they might have!

french-canadaWe can help you

When beginning your journey towards a better future, you must have the best resources and a companion or a guide, finding the latter is the most valuable tool you can have in your inventory, and should not be skimmed on for a quick and easy way out, you have to search far and wide for that.
We have worked for many years testing out and perfecting our work-flows and solution giving methods to provide our clients with the most comfortable experience in the trying times of making the approval of obtaining a Canadian Visa become a reality.
Our Authorized Representatives specialize in customer service, granting our applicants from all over the world record time replies and resources ready at hand’s reach to answer any frightening question, on any pressing issue one might have.

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+1-647-493-8490 , 1 Dundas Str. W# 2500, Toronto, Ontario.  ItsCanadaTime is an international, privately operated company with no ties to the government. This includes the form present on this website that isn't affiliated with any official government forms. The company aims to provide services using its knowledge of immigration to help people from all over the world relocate to Canada.