This program was created due to a special agreement between the province of Quebec and the government of Canada regarding acceptance of immigrants.
The province has its own rules and regulations in regard to the way they choose the most suitable applicants. Applicants must possess expert work skills, language proficiency and knowledge of the culture/religion of the province.
As a side note – French speakers may adapt better than English speakers due to Quebec’s larger French-speaking communities.


Determining your eligibility and qualifying

The first step will be to research and find all the eligibility criteria relevant to participating in this program, then follow a special selection process done by the Quebec province directly. Said process gives the applicant a Quebec Selection Certificate prior to the finalized application that is done by the CIC.

The application itself comes in these steps:

A – Applying to the Quebec government for a Certificat du Quebec (CSQ).

B – Applying to the CIC to become a permanent resident in Canada.

Additionally, there are these parameters to consider:

  • You must meet the required language abilities in English and/or French, each.
  • Have a work experience of at least two years or an equal amount of part-time work, in a skilled trade field in the five years prior to your application.
    Note that only paid work is qualified.
  • You must meet all the work requirements of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) in the relevant skilled trade.
  • You must have a full or part-time job offer for a period of at least one year or a certificate that qualifies you to work in the relevant skilled trade.