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Our Services aims to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to achieve your dream of relocating to Canada. We offer product parcels in three steps which includes everything you need in the most efficient and professional process – all while having access to our trained professionals.

One of our best products is the Online Immigration System, which gathers all the required information in one comfortable cloud, easily accessible to every client via a secure system generated password. After this short process, we are able to choose the best immigration package for the client.
Additionally – we offer our clients an IELTS course, with certified English instructors to prepare them for the IELTS exam.


Verification of legal documents

Our legal team confirms and processes the clients’ paperwork according to the Canadian government’s requirements to the fullest.


Editing of Resume and Cover Letter

We edit the client’s resume twice, once to polish the grammar and emphasize relevant skills and the second time in a phone conversation with the Editor, receiving tips about writing the cover letter.


IELTS preparation course

We provide our clients with preparation for the IELTS exam with the guidance of an instructor, workbooks and lesson CDs.


Security and Privacy

The company commits to keep all of our clients’ documents and personal information enclosed inside of our servers and erased when the process is done.


Assistance in finding Employment

Our recruiters contact and assist our clients with establishing themselves in the job market of Canada, as well as offer tutorials on interview skills and etiquette.

The Process

Our main focus is to minimize our clients’ time dealing with paperwork, legal documentation and the process of applying for a visa – subjects that many will find confusing and hard to match the correct information.

ItsCanadaTime’s Authorized Representatives collect all the documentation that the client transfers to them and send it to be processed in our Legal department, to see that the documents meet with the required parameters, and then giving the clients clues about which documents are needed, or if any are missing. This process may take between 2 to 5 business days.

Finally, the the client will chose an immigration package, finish the remaining forms/exams/procedures and the documents are processed once more to eliminate irrelevant paperwork and ultimately submit the documents to the Canadian Government to make the application process easier.